Remote Care Teledentistry Options

Teledentistry involves the use of technology and communication tools to help facilitate care for those patients who want to monitor or discuss their dental needs, but cannot present to the dental office for one of a multitude of reasons. These virtual appointments also allow our office to triage appointments without patients having to set foot in the office and in some cases,  allow for discussion of a dental concern without need for an in person dental appointment. 

Developing a Care Plan

Dr. Bains can accommodate a virtual discussion with you about your symptoms and dental needs and then provide advice regarding a future dental care plan.

Increasing Patient Education

Not all visits to the dentist require a procedure. Sometimes it helps to have a conversation about your oral health. For example, Dr. Bains and her team can help improve your children’s cleaning regimen by reviewing  brushing and flossing routines or giving advice about healthy diet choices through a teledentistry appointment.

Improving Convenience for Patients

If your concern is suited to a virtual appointment, you will be able to get the information you need without a trip to the clinic.  Treatment, however, will still require that you present to our facility!

Increasing Access to Care

Teledentistry can help alleviate obstacles for people with disabilities and those with dental anxiety, who can be some of the most underserved patients. By utilizing teledentistry, we can connect with these individuals in a more convenient and relaxed setting so we can understand their needs without requiring them to come into the office.

Avoiding a Trip to the ER

Consultation for a dental concern, including jaw problems, should be attended to by a dentist, and not in the emergency departments of our hospitals.  A virtual appointment can be much more convenient and quicker for patients and help you ward off severe oral health emergencies.

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