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Dentistry Under Sedation

Sedation allows you to have your dental procedures completed in a safe and comfortable manner.

Why Use Sedation?

Some patients are not comfortable with the concept of undergoing dental treatment.  For some, the sounds and smells of the dental practice can be very unsettling, whereas others are not bothered at all.

Sedation might be right for you if you feel:

  • You generally have fear or anxiety of having dental procedures, or
  • You need a procedure(s) done that you would rather not be fully alert for

Sedation can be safely performed on adults and children.  Please note that Dr. Bains will refer a child requiring dental care under sedation to a qualified Pedodontist.

Adult Sedation Dentistry

Lewis Estates Dental Centre has been offering adult patients dental care under sedation for almost a decade.  Sedation offers you the advantage of being relaxed during treatment.  Also, in a relaxed state you may tolerate longer procedures more comfortably. Dentistry under sedation allows for a comfortable and more relaxed approach to dental care for those in need of assistance in having their care provided.

In adherence to the regulations of the Alberta Dental Association and College, you will be scheduled for a review of your medical history to ensure your safety during treatment.  At that appointment, we will discuss the options with you and explain the course of your sedation appointment to help prepare you for the treatment appointment and to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with the procedures you will undergo.

We minimize risks to you by thoroughly reviewing your medical history, consulting with your physician about intended dosing if necessary, and using the lowest dose necessary to maintain your comfort during your dental procedure.

If you require sedation for dental treatment, you must be prebooked for appointments and must present to the sedation appointment with a responsible adult, who will be asked to remain with you for up to 24 hours following the sedation dentistry appointment.

Multistep dental procedures requiring additional treatment to be done on another day, such as crown procedures, may require a second sedation appointment.

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