Dental Check-Ups And Exams

Regular Dental Check-Ups Are Crucial To Oral Health

Regular dental checkups and exams are incredibly important to monitor your oral health, ensure we detect any cavities and repair them, remove excess plaque and tartar on your teeth, checking the mouth for lesions or growths, and even using x-rays and technology to see inside your teeth and keeping an eye on bone structure. Did you know that dental exams can also help prevent larger health issues? For example, did you know there is a significant correlation between gum disease and cardiovascular disease and stroke? Keeping up effective oral cleanings and exams can also prevent respiratory illnesses.  

We aim for a safe and comfortable atmosphere at Lewis Estates Dental Centre so that our patients will always feel welcomed and confident that they are experienced and caring hands with Dr. Bains and the team. No matter their role in your care, be it the receptionist that welcomes you, your Dental Hygienist, or our Sterilization Assistant, they are all friendly and knowledgeable people and are committed to providing you with the best dental care possible.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a check-up and cleaning, or you’re looking for a new dentist, book an exam appointment with us today.

How Often Should You Have A Dental Check-Up?

You might be wondering “how many times a year should I see a dentist?” How often you will need a dental check-up will depend on age and the consistency and efficacy of your oral care routine. We recommend that children under 12 see a dentist every six months. Our team is also great with kids and makes them feel at ease, so we’re a great option for keeping up your child’s oral health. 

Adults with a solid oral care routine at home (brushing at least twice a day, flossing once per day) can book an appointment for a cleaning once per year. Our clinic is open on Saturdays for your convenience because we know a busy work schedule can sometimes prevent weekday appointments. 

Lewis Estates Dental Centre also uses enhanced cleaning procedures and safety protocols to keep our patients safe from the COVID-19 virus. Even during this time, it is still incredibly important to stay on top of your oral health.

Your Dental Exam

During your exam, we will conduct an assessment of your teeth and gums, remove any plaque and tartar from your teeth, we may even conduct an x-ray of your jaw. We may even recommend changes to your oral health routine depending on what you report to us and what we see during our assessment. 

Deep Teeth Cleaning

A thorough teeth cleaning is included in your exam. We will conduct a deep cleaning of your teeth by scraping them to remove plaque and tartar, polish them, and apply topical fluoride to prevent cavities.

Dental X-Rays

Our team may decide to take an x-ray of your jaw and teeth on a case-by-case basis for our patients. While x-rays do have radiation, and you should monitor the amount of radiation you are exposed, the Candian Dental Association recommends that an oral x-ray can be conducted every 24-36 months and you can also read up on their further recommendations. Dental x-rays are also covered by dental insurance policies.

Results & Recommendations

We will take the information from the dental hygienists and her own exam and provide you a summary of the findings. We will work with you, your insurance company and to create a dental care plan. We can determine your budget based on your coverage and financial circumstances to schedule your dental work. If you need fillings or crowns, tooth replacement or implants, or even root canal or extractions, or even halitosis treatment, we can help ensure you get the dental care you need. 

Future Appointments

We aim to make keeping up with your dental health convenient as we can schedule your appointments in advance and also send you reminders. We also have an online scheduling tool, you can even utilize teledentistry to make your appointment quick and efficient. 

Book Your Dental Check-Up Today

Lewis Estates Dental will be happy to welcome you into our clinic for your dental check-up. Book your appointment with us today!

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