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Dental Crowns & Teeth Fillings

Repairing damaged teeth with restorative dentistry procedures such as white colored fillings, or crowns.

Causes of Tooth Damage

Teeth damaged with enamel due to decay or cavities, or breakage often undergo restorative dentistry. Small defects are usually repaired with small tooth fillings. However, if a large portion of the tooth is damaged, or if tooth breakage occurs then a dental crown may be required to maintain longterm stability of the remaining structure.

Tooth Fillings vs. Dental Crowns

A careful dental examination allows us to assess whether your tooth requires a filling or a dental crown . The presence of additional fractures (whether or not they are symptomatic) will assist the Dentist in determining whether you require a simple filling or a crown.  The Dentist will examine your tooth, evaluate any available x-rays and assess the current condition to determine the best course of action.

Dental crowns can be provided as a same-day procedure in some cases.  Crowns are available in a number of materials.  We discuss the best options for you and with your input reach a consensus on the proper dental treatment.

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