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Tooth Replacement & Implants

Toothloss in the front of the mouth, or the back, pose significant challenges in aesthetics or function, or sometimes, both.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can negatively affect speech, self-esteem and the ability to chew. When a child loses an adult tooth, the choices for replacement are temporarily limited to removable teeth.

In cases of adult tooth loss, permanent or temporary solutions can be provided based on your specific case.  Over time, most individuals who have lost one or more teeth prefer to replace removable teeth with permanent teeth.

The two options for permanent replacement of missing teeth in adults are bridges and implants.  The advantages of these options are:

  • Permanent nature
  • Nightly removal is not required
  • Simple maintenance that you routinely do for the rest of your teeth

Bridges rely on adjacent teeth to replace the missing teeth.  This increases risks to the health of the adjacent teeth. In comparison, implants are stand alone systems that generally do not affect adjacent teeth.

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