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Cosmetic Dentistry Services Edmonton

From whitening to crowns and veneers, we don’t just build smiles—we build confidence.

Look & feel your best

Your smile and how you feel about it matters. Dr. Bains and the entire Lewis Estates Dental Centre team in West Edmonton are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry procedures that can enhance or completely change the aesthetics of your smile.

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Our cosmetic dentistry procedures

Teeth whitening

A healthy smile always starts with the basics of good oral care. But even the healthiest teeth with naturally white enamel can yellow over time. To help address this, we offer a variety of custom-designed whitening treatments that fit your smile and lifestyle.

As requests for teeth whitening have increased over the years, we’ve made it our mission to find the best teeth whitening to offer our patients. Some prefer their whitening performed at our office while others choose to whiten their teeth at home. Depending on your preferences, we have a whitening solution that can work for you.

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Zoom™ in-office whitening

You’re in and out the door in under two hours, but the lasting smile that emerges is brighter and even more beautiful. Our Zoom™ in-office whitening is quick and effective. And it’s clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in one visit.

That’s it. It’s efficient, effective, and best of all you leave feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

At-home whitening

In just two weeks, you can have a whiter smile—all from the comfort of your own home. First, we’ll meet with you to customize the right kit for your smile and sensitivity. You have options and we’ll walk you through what those are. From there, we might need to take impressions for an application tray if you need it. After that, you’ll have your safe and convenient kit ready to take home. Each kit lasts for two weeks. We recommend taking photos of your progress. It’s a fun way to monitor how far you’ve come in such short time.

Whether you want the efficiently effective in-office treatment or the control and convenience of whitening your teeth at home, we can create a solution that fits your life—and smile.

Veneers and crowns

For restoring and enhancing your smile, crowns and veneers are incredible options that help your teeth as much as your confidence. You’ve likely heard of both procedures before. They make a huge difference in people’s lives. But they are different procedures. Depending on your teeth, one may be more suitable than the other.

What are veneers?

Attaching to the front of your teeth, veneers are thin overlays of porcelain or resin. Veneers are recommended when teeth are essentially healthy, and require an aesthetic improvement in shape and appearance of the teeth. In terms of upkeep, teeth with veneers require the same daily brushing and flossing as regular teeth. However, veneers can chip over time—especially if you grind your teeth. In that case, other options may be more suitable.

What are crowns?

When a tooth gets damaged, misshapen, or decayed, a restoration with greater coverage may be required. This can be achieved with crowns. The crown itself is a hollow cap that covers the tooth all while looking and behaving like a tooth. We also use crowns on discoloured teeth. Crowns are durable and, with proper maintenance, can last for many years.

Teeth tidbit

Most dental insurance plans reset in January

Schedule your cosmetic dentistry procedure before the end of the year to take advantage of your current cycle.