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Dental Services for Seniors

Our basic dental needs tend not to change over our lifetimes, but certain things require more attention.

The Effect of Aging

The process of aging creates a number of changes in the human body.  Depending on how we have cared for our teeth and gum over our youth will determine the state of our oral health as we age.  As with almost everything, prevention is better than care.

There is a tendency for more prescription drug among the aging population due to chronic health conditions.  Additionally, dexterity is often affected by the process of aging. General health conditions commonly affect the teeth and supporting structures, such as the jawbone and gums, promoting cavities and gum disease.

Remember that aging is a normal body process.  Seek treatment early for any problems that arise.  Delays will create complications in care, adding to discomfort and cost.  Also, preventive care recommendations should be diligently followed. Keep an open dialogue with your dental team about any limitations you have in maintaining your oral health.  Our dental team has a wealth of knowledge that can help guide you through your oral health challenges. Also, if you find yourself increasingly anxious about needed treatment, consult your Dentist about sedation procedures.

Aging and Sedation Procedures

Sedation procedures can ease the concerns around having extensive dental treatment for patients with dental anxiety.  If you need:

we can customize a treatment plan for you that will enable you to have your dental treatment in a safe and comfortable manner.

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