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Family Dental Services

We offer dental care for all members of the family including the youngest members, children.

Your Child’s First Visit

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends that children should have their first dental exam within 6 months of their first teeth, which for most children would be at 12 months of age. This is intended to assist families in the prevention of dental disease, and especially dental decay. Early evaluation can also help to identify other dental concerns, such as thumb-sucking or tongue/lip tie that may require attention. Our team is proud to be able to support our new parents and to assist them in avoiding invasive dental care for their young children.

As many of our families know, Dr. Bains asks that new parents book a “newborn visit” with us when their child is 6 months old. This corresponds to the age where many children are starting to get their first teeth. Many of our patients have heard Dr. Bains say “because children do not come with manuals, we would like to spend some time explaining to you the pitfalls of baby teeth”. This personalized education session regarding appropriate care of gums, teeth and the effects of foods is essential for maintaining your baby’s dental health.

From age 18 months onwards, children are generally reassessed every 6 months due to the higher risk of forming decay. We encourage oral cleanings in children who have erupted some or all of their baby teeth. Not only will this prevent painful cavities from forming, but it will also support healthy gums and support the efforts of parents who may be struggling to keep these little teeth clean.

Our aim is to help ensure your child develops a sense of comfort in their dental examinations and dental hygiene therapy (cleanings). Lewis Estates Dental Centre, focuses on prevention in order to minimize the need for more complex dental care and to help your child develop good dental health.

Regular dental examinations will help identify if a child requires future orthodontic treatment. Sometimes this is about interceptive care that reduces bite related problems later in life. Other times, it is about tooth alignment, or aesthetics, and a need for braces.

Children’s Emergencies

Many misconceptions exist about children’s teeth. Children’s teeth have much thinner enamel than adult teeth. It takes less time for a cavity to form on a baby tooth due to several factors including, the consumption of simple sugars in their diet (such as fruit juice), infrequent or ineffective brushing/flossing, and immature enamel relative to adult teeth.

When cavities form, parents will sometimes think that it is alright to not treat a cavity in a baby tooth because the tooth is going to fall out in a short number of years. In reality, given the right oral environment, a small cavity can turn into a large cavity with an infection in the tooth in less than 6 months.  Children do feel the intense pain of a toothache or cavity. If neglected, an infection can spread and cause significant illness.

Just like adult teeth, neglecting small dental problems can result in poor dental or oral health over time.  If your child is complaining of a sore tooth, or pain when chewing it is important to seek the attention of a Dental professional.

We offer comprehensive pediatric dental care at Lewis Estates Dental Centre. Our priority is to ensure that your child experiences dental care in a manner that promotes a positive experience while addressing the underlying oral condition. Children requiring extensive dental restorative and/or surgical treatment may be referred to an Edmonton pediatric specialist (Children’s Dentist), also known as a Pedodontist.

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