Get Valentine’s Day Ready With Fresh Breath, A Glowing Smile & More

While you are buying flowers and candy for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to take care of your dental health. Keep your breath fresh and your teeth white with the help of Lewis Estates Dental Centre.

Freshen Your Breath This Valentines Day

There are numerous ways that you can improve the condition of your teeth, including a consistent routine of brushing and flossing twice per day. In addition, you may want to brush your teeth right before a date so that you don’t have to worry about bad breath. Make sure you book your routine cleaning before Valentine’s Day for the freshest mouth possible!

Whiten Your Smile

Worried about stained teeth? Our services include oral hygiene assessments, polishing & stain removal, teeth whitening & additional cosmetic procedures. A teeth-whitening process requires approximately one hour for the dentist to apply the hydrogen peroxide and allow the teeth-whitening solution to lift stains, creating a glowing smile.

Healthy Life, Happy Mouth

Preserve your glowing smile between checkups by maintaining a nutritious diet of proteins, dairy products, whole-grain bread, fruits, and vegetables. Prior to your Valentine’s Day dinner date, avoid eating foods that could stain your teeth or that will give you bad breath. Visit your dentist regularly to keep on top of your tooth health. We recommend regular appointments every 6 months for a cleaning and checkup.

If you have any questions about how you can get your smile its brightest and cleanest, or just want to book your next cleaning, reach out to Lewis Estates Dental Centre.