It’s Time for a Spring Cleaning

Ahhhh Spring. The perfect time to clean up around the yard, around the house and most importantly, around your mouth. We’re not talking potty mouth either. Just a good old fashioned teeth cleaning.

Why Spring Clean your Teeth?

Most people know about common dental problems. They know daily brushing works at keeping your teeth healthy. On the other hand, they may not fully understand the effects of not cleaning their teeth properly.

You can’t guarantee that all bacteria will be removed after brushing. You can brush your teeth but still have bacteria present on the tongue, which will spread throughout the mouth.

Some people brush their teeth but don’t floss. You could unknowingly have food stuck between your teeth and cause a buildup of bacteria. Then, it’s easier for tooth and/or gum infections and pain to form.

To avoid any dental problem, continue to brush, floss and use a zero-alcohol, antibacterial mouthwash every day. And book a Spring Cleaning.

Fast and Pain Free

Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office is a one-stop visit. A typical cleaning is scheduled for approximately one hour, and after, you’re free to resume your normal routine. There’s no need to drill, deliver anaesthetic or use complicated tools that cause pain afterward.

For both adults and children, your dentist’s office is the place for a teeth cleaning. It’s the more suitable option to getting a root canal or losing a tooth altogether and its affordable with the help of dental benefits. When spring finally arrives (well, we’re waiting!), you may think about remodelling your home, cleaning up the yard but spend just as much time focusing on your oral health.