Have a Spooktacular Halloween

The air is a little brisker and the leaves are falling in the streets. That means autumn is here and the fun and excitement of Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween can also present a challenge to parents when it comes to keeping everyone cavity-free. So here are some healthy tips and tricks from Lewis Estates Dental Centre on how to avoid sticky situations this year.

“Not all candy is equally scary,” suggests Dr. Pushpinder Bains, principal dentist and owner of Lewis Estates Dental Centre. “A favourite choice for my children is chocolate because, well it’s delicious, but it also dissolves quickly in the mouth. It doesn’t stick to teeth like hard candies or get stuck in braces like popcorn or nuts.

The trick is also to avoid treats that are acidic or chewy, such as sour candy and taffy. These stay in the mouth for longer periods of time and increase the risk for tooth decay. Being selective about treats will cause less damage over time.”

Plan It Right From The Beginning

Depending on your schedule, sit down and eat a balanced meal with the kids after their exciting night. The increase in saliva produced during the meal will rinse away food particles and help cancel out harmful acids produced by bacteria in your mouth. Plus, there are fewer urges to eat more sweets on a full stomach.

Mapping your game plan right from the beginning could also include deciding on treats-per-day limits. It might be tempting to let your kids over-indulge, but in this case, their teeth will thank you for limiting their snacks.

Brush And Floss Your Fangs

Don’t forget to pause for brushing after everyone has finished snacking. Acidic foods soften your enamel, and you run the risk of hurting the enamel even more by brushing immediately after eating. Drink water instead to rinse away the sugar, and wait a half hour before you brush and floss your fangs. We suggest fluoride toothpaste to give your mouth another layer of protection from cavities and decay.

Speaking of Halloween, did you know that most dental insurance plans reset at the end of December, and don’t roll over into the New Year? Call or book your appointment online before your insurance expires and get your smile ready for the holidays!

Above all, have fun! Enjoy your night and stay safe from all those ghosts and goblins.