Back to School. Back to a Healthy Routine.

You may not realize it but Back to School is actually the perfect time to book a family Dental appointment with Lewis Estates Dental Centre. There’s less stress, fewer people to make arrangements with, and you don’t have to schedule time off school for this healthy and important part of your children’s lives. Lewis Estates Dental Centre has flexible hours remaining in the month of August for you to book your family’s Back to School appointment.

Imagine, fewer hassles and only one phone call or email to make it happen. That’s definitely one less thing to worry about before heading back to classes, and it also goes a long way in creating the right routine for healthier teeth and gums for life. If you’re making plans for your Back to School excursions, why not consider adding a trip to Lewis Estates Dental Centre to your list.

Heading back to class with healthy teeth is just as important as showing up to school with the latest fashions and school supplies. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get the new school year off to the right start.