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We offer a full range of routine clinical procedures along with cosmetic dentistry.

First Impressions Count

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice. A beautiful and healthy smile supports good self-esteem and self-image.  Through effective and detailed diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral disease, dentistry creates a positive impact on your overall health.

We understand many patients experience anxiety regarding dental treatment. Sometimes this is significant enough to prevent an individual from seeking dental care. To address these concerns we ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your visit. From ceiling mounted TV’s with headphones to communicating with you during your procedure – your comfort is a high priority. If your anxiety requires greater management, we also offer oral sedation for dental treatments.

Lewis Estates Dental Centre offers a wide array of dental services to support the needs of our patients, including:

Dental Treatment Goals

Regardless of what your dental needs are, our hope is that by the time you have completed your active dental care, you will be proud of your smile.  Keeping your pearly whites healthy needs ongoing attention.  As your dental team, we will offer you the necessary education and guidance to do what is necessary to keep your beautiful smile sparkling everyday!

Young or old, we all need to be mindful of good brushing and flossing habits.  Many of our patients use WaterpikTM Waterflossers in lieu of, or as an adjunct to flossing.  Frequent brushing and flossing will improve your general oral health, reduce oral disease, and extend the lifespan of dental restorative work.

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